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Rafting on the river Neretva

Rafting on the river Neretva One-day-tour 40 Euros

Experience the most exciting one-day-vacation in your life, sense the adventure, hear the call of nature, explore the only corner of untouched nature in Europe in a halal way.

A one-day descent to the Neretva canyon with the possibility of staying overnight on the Boracko lake.
The starting destination is 35 km away from Konjic. For rafting participants transport is provided from  Konjic or if agreed on from Sarajevo.
For all aforementioned programmes we own the complete rafting and camping equipment. All of this combined with bosnian grill specialities and a complete absence of civilization,  the time spent on rafting makes the return to nature become reality.
The best and most experienced skippers with many years of experience in rafting will take care of your safety and make sure that the beautiful memories of the rafting tour stay permamently remembered.
The boat ride takes about 6 hours from the starting destination Glavatičevo to the final destination in Džajići.

Suad Drpljanin

Suad Drpljanin

After the end of the first rafting steg, after leaving the Little canyon, follows a short break and lunch with grill specialities on beautiful shores which can only be reached by rubber boats. After lunch, relaxation and swimming follows the second rafting stage through the Big canyon and the unforgettable whirlpools and waterfalls of the green beauty NERETVA which ends with the arrival in Džajići.

The price includes the transport from Konjic to the starting rafting destination, descent in boats and barbecue.


More information about Neretva

Neretva is a river, 225 kilometres long, which flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
The river Neretva is the longest and biggest river in the eastern adriatic valley. Neretva originates on altitude of 1.095 metres at the base of the mountains Zelengora and Lebršnik in BiH and flows through that country in the length of 203 km, while the final 22 km are in Croatia.
Neretva from its spring to the delta flows from southeast to northwest in that way forming the northern side of Herzegovina. Near Konjic and the Rama debauchment it turns to the south and flows from north to south.
The smaller rivers of Repešnica, Rakitnica, and Ljuta flow into Neretva from the right, while Lađanica, Župski Krupac, Bukovica and Bijela flow into it from the left.
There are also Krupac, Trešanica, Idbarčica (Baščica), Kraljuščica and Neretvica.
In its upper part, all the way to Čapljina, Neretva is a canyon river, and west of Konjic it empties into the  accumulation lake Jablanica. From the coast to Metkovići (20km) Neretva is sailable and from Opuzena it is divided in twelve armlets which constitute its alluvial delta, and the river spills out into the Adriatic sea near Rogotin and Ploče.

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