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Thermal treatments

Spa resorts in the entire BiH From 25 to 60 Euros per day

We offer thermal treatments in spa resorts all over BiH and in accord with islamic rules (halal food, separation of men and women, etc.). Namely, we have reached an agreement with the spa managements to take care of the religious demands of our clients.
The prices vary from 25 Eur to 60 Euros per day/person, full board inclusive therapies.
For example, staying in a double room costs 25 Euros per person. The price includes: accommodation, food and thermal therapies prescribed by the physician.
Thus, a single room rated at three starts costs 40 Euros and a similar one with four stars 60 Euros.

More information

The tradition of using the healing qualities of thermal and mineral waters reaches far back to the time of Romans, Greek and Ottomans. Bosnia is traditionally rich in healing springs,  they are famous far beyond the borders of our country. The untouched nature, unpolluted air, traditional hospitality and hotelier tradition, along with the aforementioned qualities of healing waters, have provided our spa resorts with a reputation of  very respected health and  recreation centres, suitable for vacations.

Considering the number and variety of thermal springs which are used for therapeutical purposes, their technical equipment and professional personnel, we can say, that spa resorts in BIH satisfy the requirements of their visitors related to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recreation.

In our spa resorts a variety of illnesses can be treated:

  1. All kinds od  rheumatic, myopathic and neuropathic illnesses
  2. Spondylosis of the spine and accompanying symptoms
  3. Discus hernia
  4. Radiculopathia
  5. Painful syndroms of the spine and the extremities
  6. Osteoporosis
  7. Several conditions after the injury of the locomotor apparatus
  8. Pre - and post surgical rehabilitation after operations of the locomotoric apparatus (bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, discus hernia, nerves)
  9. Hemiparesis
  10. Rehabilitation of amputees
  11. Rehabilitation of persons with metabolic diseases ( diabetes, gout)
  12. Skin diseases
  13. Sterility
  14. Disorders of the peripheral circulation
  15. Manager syndrom
  16. Aging prevention
  17. Programmed active relaxation
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